While the rest of the world plugs away at important projects and grinding deadlines, you’ll find us right here, snuggled under blankets and pillows having popcorn and hot chocolate for breakfast.

We all love bright and white and modern and clean but mixing warm tones of caramel and wood and patterned textiles is quickly becoming one of my dream palettes. Balancing the art of comfort and style is something we take very seriously around here and to be frank, we’re not sure they should ever be mutually exclusive.

Adding new pillows to a space can refresh your space with out having to empty your wallet. The key is to make sure your pillows coordinate well together. Having the perfect pillow mix on your sofa can be the piece de resistance for your living room. Diversify your patterns by mixing large, medium and small scale prints together. A floral and a stripe are a classic combination!Don’t be afraid to experiment and get a little funky with your choices, after all, this is your space and it should reflect your personality!

Remember that pillows can easily be updated and switched around through out your home. So go have some fun with your pillows!