Never underestimate the power of staging! Well thought out design is about more than just pretty art and fancy fillers. If I’m being completely honest, one of my favourite things EVER is sourcing pieces that compliment and reinforce natural beauty. Art. Area rugs. Furniture. Wall colour. They all play an important role in creating a climate that is warm and inviting.

Having trouble accessorizing your coffee table?

No need to fret, you’re not alone! It can be an overwhelming task but here are some quick tips to follow:

Remember to think high-low. When all your objects are the same height, nothing gets noticed.

Think three! The good old age rule of three comes in handy when deciding on how many pieces to use for styling.

Go green! Add a small low maintenance plant for a pop of colour.

Use a tray! Not only is a tray practical but it will also give your table some structure.

Make seasonal changes! Summer is a perfect time to add a piece of coral or seashell into the mix and come fall just swap it out for a pumpkin or a gourd!

To create a bedroom oasis it’s important to think beyond the mattress and headboard.

Nightstands and bedside tables allow you to not only expand your decor but can also offer you lots of simple storage solutions. And it’s no secret, I LOVE me some storage!

Bedside tables can become landing pads for our cell phones, books we’ve been meaning to read and late night snacks. My rule of thumb for bedside tables is simple, they must help to keep our bedrooms organized and help to transform your bedroom into an elegant oasis that also reflects your design aesthetic.~