For this project the client and I were very much aligned in style, so when she brought me on board to help her with her living room I knew that this was going to be a great team effort.

What we started with were simple white walls that we painted light grey. We then added some thick white stripes on the very long wall that runs between the living room and the dining room bringing both the rooms together as one. My client already had the existing cream sofa and glass coffee table so all that was needed were cushions, a rug and a blanket to add some texture. The gallery wall of family pictures added a personal touch to a space that once felt unfinished.


Turquoise is a colour I am constantly crushing on, from the soft water shades right through to the bright and bold. Sometimes the colour can feel vintage while other times it can feel like it was plucked from somewhere in the tropics. I find the colour to be very calming and can quickly transform a space from blah to memorable just like this perfect little “shelfie” we styled for a client. Is it just me or does anyone else use this colour in their home?

My job is to take what my clients want and give them the best possible version. By adding details like custom curtains, rugs, pictures, artwork and all the accessories the room is now undeniably pretty and stylish and still looks as beautiful today as it did three years ago.