My client was pregnant for her third time (a lucky little girl) and wanted a beautiful, happy space in which to welcome her third baby home.

I love designing nurseries (especially with like-minded clients) so I happily jumped on board when she invited me back to her house. Nurseries are one of my favourite rooms to design; they are so easy and fun. For this room we kept it simple and romantic by painting the ceiling a soft pink and adding a stunning gold heart to the wall followed by a few soft accessories.

As the client is a Montessori teacher we followed those principles in the nursery and hung the shelves at child’s height. Our goal was to design a room that this lucky little girl could enjoy for years to come, which I am happy to say we accomplished. My only regret was that we didn’t a close of up of said little girl on reveal day but if you look closely you can spot her enjoying her room in one of the pictures.